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Learn more about how to receive medication assisted treatment to help with opioid withdrawal and dependence.

What is Project RAMP?

RAMP stands for Rural Access to MAT in Pennsylvania. Project RAMP is a new program led by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to help adults who misuse heroin, pain medications, and other opioids access medication assisted treatment (MAT) like buprenorphine and naltrexone.

MAT has helped many patients stop using heroin, pain medications, and other opioids.1,2

If you sign up for RAMP, you will be given medications by your doctor, and he or she will also help you enroll in counseling services.

How Can I Enroll in Project RAMP?

If you are interested in enrolling in Project RAMP and receiving MAT services, talk to your primary care doctor. If you are enrolled in a Medicaid insurance plan, your services will be covered.

What is MAT?

You and your doctor will work together to decide the best treatment plan for you, your health, and your goals.

MAT involves providing you with medications and supports, such as counseling, that can help you stop or reduce your use of opioids like heroin or prescription pain medication.

Many individuals using MAT medications also participate in counseling sessions. Using medications and counseling will provide you with the highest chance of stopping opioid use.1


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